The ACTUAL Why of Becoming Rich

It’s not actually about the money and freedom… or great parties…!

All the time, money is associated with 1000s of connotations and assumptions of why people are rich, how they attained their wealth and what kind of person they are.

Sometimes, of course, this is true.

But a lot more times, this is false. It’s a pre-judgement which stems from someone’s bias which itself probably stems from their youth, or other experiences from the past.

You NEED to get rich. It’s your duty to accumulate great wealth.

For you, your family, and the people around you that need to be taken care of.

It’s not evil, it’s your own mind that says it is. Say hi to your biased brainwashed mind.

Engrained Biases in the Brain

“Making money is evil.”

“The rich are greedy. They attach money to your worth as a human.”

“Producing wealth is vain. Money is used as a substitute for love.”

These are just the first couple biases that anyone’s ever had in their mind.

The roots go way and way deeper. And you probably have some kind of specific meaning attached to making money, being rich or any type of wealth that makes you distance yourself from the idea of money, and actually obtaining it.

Making money is about dealing with these biases. And your personal relationship with them.

Becoming rich is not about the money, it’s about the person you become when you have gained great wealth.

To start? Turn your harmful meanings of making money, into helpful meanings.

Anyway, in the end, you came here to understand of WHY you need to become rich.

“Why, why, why?”

Money is a neutral phenomenon. It only exists to trade your stuff for something that holds value.

Imagine if you needed to exchange your food for some kind of other object that is supposed to hold similar value. That value is a matter of perspective.

Money isn’t (mostly). 50 bucks is 50 bucks.

This makes it so that the item you’re exchanging the money for is the only side of the trade that is subject to supply and demand of the market.

And that is also the reason people become rich. The add a crazy amount of value to the market. It’s a proof of adding value to the world.

Aiming to get rich is like aiming to be helpful, to contribute to other people, their business, and their life. Richness is helpfulness, and value.

Why you need to get rich, is to achieve your highest self, and your highest personal potential.

Contribute everything you hold within yourself

You don’t want to be lowered into your grave with your ideas, potential and goals still in your body.

You want to be put in the ground as a body, with your ideas, potential and goals put to work in the world you have left behind.

Use these to contribute to the world. And use money as a way of measuring your success of providing value to others.

Strive to be better, to help more, contribute more, and attain more money.

One job pays more, because it is valued more.

When becoming rich, don’t think of your passions, what you like and where you want to take yourself. Think of how much you can contribute to others, to other businesses and therefore, the lives of the people in these businesses.

Money is an exchange of social value. Unassociated with your background, your life, your race or age. It’s directly attached to the value you add to our society.

And in the end, someone is always going to be rich, so it might as well be you.

Money as a skill and motivator

The skill to draw, make music and talk to people, is as much as a skill as the skill to make money.

See it is a hobby, a passion, and a friend. Making money is your duty, your lifestyle and your companion. Go hand in hand together to the top of the mountain, and look at the view you have deserved.

Study businesses, companies and their profitability. Study everything around money, like management, financials, bookkeeping and cashflow.

Use it as a motivator. As a way of measuring your personal value.

Why you need to get rich, is to improve your current self image. Experiment with your price. Ask more than you feel like you’re worth and check out how this changes you, your relationships and your clients.

People WANT to pay. They don’t like free or cheap items.

Wealth is a motivation for your future, and direct feedback from your past.

Value yourself higher

You have the ability to feel comfortable charging more, and making more.

And if you don’t, you’ll most likely sabotage yourself in your pursuit to make money. However, you can value your services according to your future self, rather than your current self, and get out of your comfort zone of just getting by.

Don’t aim to be comfortable. Aim to expand your current self. Grow, grow, grow.

Take up risky opportunities with a high reward. Refuse to be paid a simple salary with generates your comfort zone.

You are better than you think. And you are way better than you treat yourself.

Turn yourself into a brand and belief in what you have to offer. Turn yourself into a business and offer quality.

Turn clients into relationships, and build these relationships on client results, and trust.

Don’t aim for status. Aim for value, new opportunities and never-ending growth.

Remove your self-limiting beliefs

You can get rich.

Get yourself into a great niche. Invent a new solution. And always re-invent yourself.

Stay paranoid on whether you are doing enough, growing enough and contributing enough.

You, as a human-being, are created to create.

Never settle for less. Always demand the very best for yourself, and from yourself.

You won’t lose touch with your current environment if you are not choosing to do so. You can sculpt your life in any way you want to.

But to maintain your wealth, it is not even a bad idea to stay in your current environment. Stay frugal. Help your friends. And grow as a person that gets attention and status for being the person you are. Not from the stuff you own, or job title you have.

You don’t even have to share with anyone that you have a lot of money. Just be yourself. Be happy and stay grateful.

Provide value, always. Create assets, value and invest in businesses to grow your wealth.

Educate yourself (and even your friends) about assets and liabilities. Read about your current situation, and how you can grow into a new one.

Never back down from attacking your future with the idea of becoming better. But first, get rich, and maintain your wealth.

Money won’t change you, but it will amplify who you are.

You won’t always need more, at some point it won’t even change you or your situation anymore. Just stay humble, and value where you’re at, every single day.

Never lose momentum in life, always do something, which is way better than nothing.

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