the problem with doing work you love.

What the Problem is With Doing the Work you Love

Is following your passion also your way to happiness?

Or is this simply a way to cover how unfulfilling your current way of living is?

How often have you heard about following your passion, leaving your current job and start doing the work you love?

It’s crazy to think that many people see this as the main way to happiness, to finding themselves and getting out of life what they want.

It’s not.

The problem with doing the work you love, is that you’ll never find it. There’s just too much that gets in the way of doing the work you love, and this will make you hate the work you’re supposed to love.

Gets you onto the next possible job that you love, and the next, and the next… Until you die and have never really achieved the things you wanted to. Including doing the work you love.

Love What You Do, Don’t Do What You Love

In many cases, your work will come down to doing what needs to be done.

And the tasks, in the work you’re doing, need to subject to your gratefulness. Being grateful for the little things in life.

Your job may even consist of 80% boring and repetitive, while leaving only 20% available for doing the work you enjoy. Although it would be better to get this ratio the other way around, it’s possible that these 20% of tasks may weigh up to the bigger part of the stuff you dislike.

In total, this small portion of tasks, are not unlikely to contribute to 80% of your outcome and 80% of your happiness.

Just make sure, you’re looking at the outcome, and see the 80% of boring tasks necessary for doing the work you like.

Love this little tasks, enjoy the hardship to get the most out of yourself.

Allow yourself to iterate your job and responsibilities in a way that it will suit you better, or get rid of the worst task you have to do.

And always find the joy in your work.

A Never-Ending Pursuit of ‘Happiness’

Ensure to be happy about the little things, the small things you do on a daily basis.

The tasks you’re getting better at, and the tasks you’re doing, even though you don’t enjoy the entirely.

This means you’re teaching yourself to avoid becoming a dopamine junkie of only taking on tasks you’ll like.

Switching all the time, from task to task, from job to job and from business to business, simply produces restlessness and the inability to master a trade.

This becomes a pursuit of finding the work you love, while never allowing yourself to find yourself in a job or a skill. Contradictory to common belief, this only harms your ability find a job you love.

Make work about sitting down to do the work, and loving it. Not about expecting to love your work, while setting yourself up with a victim mindset.

Aiming to Fit in is Aiming to Be Irreplaceable

Never limit yourself to feel good about fitting in.

Fitting in is only a way of not being cut out by your friend group. But guess what, this is only an emotion that came from 1000s of years ago, when humans had to live in small groups to live and hunt together.

Now, our world consists of many different cultures, people and interests. Also, we have the option to travel anywhere we go, while simply making money online.

Aiming to fit in, is simply making yourself more likeable, less authentic and more common.

Why would you get rid of your beautiful personality?

You could be anyone, and you chose to be like anyone, liked by everyone rather than yourself.

If you’re so focused on making everyone happy, why don’t you focus on yourself this time?

Now what? Well now. Anyone can be you and do what you do.

You have suddenly become irreplaceable.

Simply go for a project, a job or a business, stick to it and make it your own. Do it your way and master it.

Then, and only then, go to the next project. The beautiful thing about this, is that you’ll probably find a way to enjoy it anyway, without anyone’s affirmation.

You will have a challenge, become a better version of yourself, and love the work you do, rather than doing the work you love.

Focus on Your End-Goal, Intention and Outcome

All in all, the problem with doing the work you love, is that you will limit yourself too much.

It’s about effort and work done, not (only) about enjoying yourself and loving your job.

Happiness also stems for doing hard things, going through tough times and creating contrast by using ups and downs.

The deeper the valley, the bigger the hill.

Just make sure to follow the path. Don’t try and make shortcuts, these will mostly lead to unhappiness.

Love every step of the way, and don’t aim to be happy once you have reached the work you love.

Focus on the process, and always keep the end-goal, your intention of your work, and the outcome of your effort in mind.

Love yourself for battling to whatever you do, and don’t have your love come from external factors.

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