overthinking and self understanding.

Overthink your Way to Self-Understanding

Has God gifted you with the fantastic gift of overthinking?

Your daily grind consists for 80% of overthinking?

Don’t worry. Use it as a way to guide yourself to find out what to choose, decide or continue doing with your life.

Apparently you’re overthinking as a way of processing your thoughts, without using these thoughts to shape an actual outcome.

In the end, whatever occupies your mind most of the time, will determine how you experience life and your current situation.

So you might as well use overthinking as a way to understand yourself.

Do you need to stop overthinking?

Overthinking is oftentimes very quickly connected to a negative habit and is a habit that can be hard to deal with.

The definition of overthinking is getting stuck in your own head and your whirlwind of thoughts. This can be very overwhelming, and you’ll need to understand how to put this to good use.

If you just let your thoughts run and run without setting a deadline or analyzing what your brain has to say to you, it can always impact your mood and stress levels.

So, you don’t NEED to stop overthinking, you just need to get to bottom of what it is you’re worried about and how this impacts you as a person.

Why are you overthinking?

This is about 90% of the time connected to fear.

Being so anxious to make a decision, that it feels better to make none at all. You’ll need to ask yourself if you are still problem-solving, or only letting your mind be polluted with irrational thoughts.

Identify your situation overthinking and decide if this is going in an upwards or downwards spiral.

This will help you realize whether you are actually making progress, or simply putting yourself down. Destructive thoughts won’t do you any good to understanding your current state.

The best way to use overthinking as a way to understand where you’re coming from, is by clearly analyzing your thought patterns.

Slow down your thoughts using this

What if you could take out all of your thoughts, like in Harry Potter, and collect these for review later?

Well… Guess what… Learn more about journaling!

Slowing down your thoughts is a direct consequence of writing them down.

You’re actually thinking about how to formulate your thoughts and put them into words, rather them simply having them run 100x faster in your mind.

Have you ever created a perfect argument in your mind but could never turn these into real life?

That’s the exact same problem. If thoughts have a speed of 100%, talking slows it down to around 60%, and writing less than 25%.

That’s why talking is harder than thinking, and writing is harder again to formulate your thoughts. But you can always return to them and look it back up in your journal.

Journaling can also help you defining your story. You are the only one who decides your own story on how to take a useful perspective on it.

You can say: “I have always be a great overthinker and can never decide.” Or you can say: “I take a while to make a rational decision so I know it’s MY choice.”

Two very different perspective, stemming from the same problem, but with a whole different emotion and mood around it.

Never forget to formulate your thoughts, your goals and your story, and always return back to them.

Take Decisive Action

Journaling is the perfect step to the next point, taking decisive action.

When you’re overthinking, you’re often handling some kind of fear, in not a good way.

FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real.

Don’t make some weird expectations in your mind that will never come to fruition anyway. Just do what you want and your world will change accordingly. Don’t worry so much.

What helps as well, is to take yourself back to the current moment, the present, and decide from a place of presence.

From here, with your journal, you can easily see what exactly bothers you, and you are one step closer to understanding your personal problems, and what is a problem for you.

Simply take charge of your life, and be your own master.

Eventually, take a decision, stick to it, don’t think about the other option, and take action in exactly that direction.

And you guessed it… After a while you’ll see yourself in a better place, or worse place, but at least a different place. And this will help you understand if this is what you wanted or not.

But at least, you’re one stop further to getting where you want to. Remember, taking a bad decision, and figuring out what you don’t want, is way better than not making any decisions and staying where you are.

After all, if you’re stuck, you can always turn your situation around by asking yourself the right questions. For example:

  • “What was your best decision?”
  • “What do you regret?”
  • “What would you have liked to do but you didn’t do?”
  • “What was your biggest up and down the past 6 months?”
  • “Which insight was most valuable to you?”
  • “What are you grateful for?”
  • “What question would you like to ask yourself and get an answer from it?”

These will bring you to a better understanding of yourself as well and how your personality is created.

Also, how you react to certain situations and whether you should change your way of action-taking or keep it the way it is.

How overthinking helps you understand yourself

Overthinking is a tough one. And your brain is even tougher to crack.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and decision making can be hard as well.

What’s most important though: Make yourself happy.

No one in this world is going to better off if you yourself are not happy.

So that’s the first one to keep in mind. You don’t have to make anyone else happy, if you can’t create happiness for yourself.

Once your decision is yours, and you feel happy owning it. Take some of your thoughts into account.

If they are too hard to follow, remember to write them down. Both the positive and negative thoughts. Subsequently, analyze them and use them rationally to substantiate your decision.

In this process, you learn a lot about your way thinking, what you consider when making a decision, and what contributes to your happy life.

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