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How to Hack your Body in 7 Steps to Feel Great in Times of Covid

And yet… after 2 years of this pandemic… The advice from the higher-up remains the same. 

But what is correct? Are they right that locking up an entire country in their own homes is the best way to battle a pandemic?


Anyway, I wonder if they have taken mental clarity in mind as well.

And that is the problem. At some point, the suicides from solitude and mental instability are going to be higher than Covid deaths.

Then what?

We have to take this situation into our own hands and remain our personal sanity.

It is every person’s duty to keep their personal morale high.

A Recipe Anti-Covid and Pro-Mental Health

And the following recipe is the way to do exactly that:

image 1
Health Improvement advice from Instagram Kayla Barnes @kaylabarnes

Kayla Barnes is a specialist in brain health and biohacking and is certainly not a fan of this Covid pandemic too.

However, it is a trigger for all of us to get deep into what we enjoy most and want to improve on.

In the end, none of us can feel good all the time. But the recipe above is at least a guide to feeling good with a certain threshold and aiming to feeling great 90% of the time.

Breaking it down

  1. Sunlight (Vitamine D)
  2. Proper sleep
  3. Healthy BMI
  4. Daily Movement & Exercise
  5. Meditation for Mindset
  6. Importance of Nutrition (No Seed-Oils)
  7. Minding Sugar Intake

Kayla correctly describes the process for unlocking your mental barriers and answers the question: “How do I set up myself for daily good vibes?”

Every success starts with a small personal success and something to feel grateful for. 

Let’s feel grateful for the small wins in our lives!

Sunlight for Vitamine D

Vitamine D is what keeps your bones healthy and strong. It supports the absorption of calcium and phosphate.

Also, walking in the sunlight first thing in the morning will help you with your circadian rhythm so you can naturally wake up, and be ready for sleep at night.

Proper Sleep

That brings us to the second point: sleeping well.

Sleep is a way of recovery for the body and the brain. Although it is often neglected, or at least as a cause for your well-being, it is one of the most significant contributors to your overall state.

It is also linked to weight gain, heart disease and how well you handle illnesses.

Settling at a healthy BMI

Your BMI is a stupid number. Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense.

It’s a number depicting your mass over your height squared. Which means BMI = kg/m^2, how does that make sense?

Anyway, it is still the best we have apparently, and the statement above only implies that you should be at a healthy weight. This contributes to your confidence, general health and fitness.

Or try this new BMI calculator which is fair and doesn’t favor small people.

Daily movement & Exercise

If you’re not at the BMI you should be, or want to be. Or don’t have the body shape you desire. Get moving!

Set yourself a goal for your weight, shape or fitness goal in a SMART way:

  • I want to weigh below 200 lbs by the end of 2022.
  • I will have run 100 km in June.
  • My body will look like [insert goal body] before my birthday.

Just get moving every day a little. Go for a walk or a run, or get an awesome fitness app. I personally use Freeletics, which makes my workout schedule every single week.

At least do a proper workout 3 times a week and hack your body in the way you want to.

Meditation for mindset

Then we will go all spiritual for most people, and focus on meditation.

Meditation is nothing special. It can even be compared to an active nap.

Take out 10-20 minutes of your day to practice Mindfulness, and for the advanced people, get into Transcendental Meditation.

Meditation helps to both hack your body and your brain for focus, vision and overall success of the things you care about.

Good Nutrition (No Seed-oils)

Kayla focuses the last two points on good nutrition.

Which is interesting, as 6 out of 7 points focus on external factors, and only 1 factor focuses on the internal.

This concludes that your mental state is mostly influence by diet, sleep and fitness. Keep that in mind!

When someone says healthy diet, you probably know more than well what that would sort of look like. Lots of greens, water, some meat, cut down on carbs and be mindful about the volumes.

Seed oils can be found in normal foods like hummus, often in the way of palm oil. They are considered to be bad for your health depending on the fatty acids in them and how they are processed.

Minding your sugar-intake

Additionally, a healthy diet consists of minding your sugar-intake. Excessive sugars will influence your insulin production, which will alter your arteries badly.

Fluctuations in insulin can also contribute to diabetes of course, which is a chronic problem when you have attained it.

Beside that, too much sugar will impact your overall mood and happiness.

An End-Note from Jordan B. Peterson

As he couldn’t have said it any better than the following:

“You need a routine!”

– Jordan Peterson

A routine will keep you sane, as well as having something productive to do with your time and aiming toward a goal. Even if it’s just a small goal.

Lastly, regulate your use of drugs and alcohol, as this has the ability to mess up your entire progress, routines, moods and sanity.

The Importance of Having a Routine
Having a routine and a schedule that you can actually follow is crucial for your mental and physical well-being.


Similar to keeping close relationships with your friends and family, it will contribute to your overall mental health.

Watch the entire video above to get on with it and thrive psychologically.

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