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Your mentor Niels J. Post shares on his personal website the ins and outs of launching a successful side-hustle and getting straight to the point in terms of skills, mindset and whatever you will need on that roadmap.

Whether you will start something next to your job, other side hustle or even big business. The guides on this website will be of help when it comes to finding the right software, courses or mental tricks.

Start with exploring the roadmap page and finding something that you’re interested in! Your side hustle can consist of anything you want it to but make sure to narrow down at first and expand, or scale, later in your journey.

And remember, as you’re starting out probably with just 1-2 hours per day, don’t make it too complicated. Keep it simple, and something you enjoy, but has the potential to get you out of your job as well.

Niels Post has been a top athlete for most of his life in both swimming and rowing. For which he has gained national recognition in both sports. After attaining his Bachelor’s degree, he explored the whole wide world and settled in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This remains his current place of both residence and business endeavors from where he grows his digital real estate, i.e.: blogs and lead-gen sites.

Niels Post has grown multiple blogs within his home country, the Netherlands. These have been monetized and partially outsourced, and therefore, can be seen as semi-passive income streams.

He has tried many different business models like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, high ticket dropshipping, local lead generation and running an e-commerce clothing brand. Additionally, he researched many side hustles like Amazon FBA, F2F sales, telemarketing and so on.